about Ifi

My name is Ifigeneia or, as most people call me, Ifi [terrIFIc  wanders, get it?], and I am a part-time traveler from Cyprus. I recently got my PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology (aaahhh! It finally happened! *cue the screams*, *cue the tears*, *cue the cocktails*) and currently work full-time as a scientific study manager in Glasgow.
I have lived in Cyprus (Larnaca), England (Manchester), Austria (Vienna) and Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow), travelled to and within 24 countries via plane, boat, train and bus, went on dozens of roadtrips, took countless photos and collected 3517 fridge magnets, all at the same time as maintaining a busy lifestyle! Wandering the world whilst working can totally be done; it just needs tons of creativity, good planning and an inspiring blog to get ideas from (wink wink).


Thanx for stopping by 🙂
Ifi  x