Welcome to my Wanders

From Scotland to Cyprus and beyond

Wander Scotland

Wander with me to this land of natural wonders, wild beauty, mesmerising castles and picturesque towns, which has been my home for the past 8 years.

Wander Cyprus

Let me show you around my Homeland: a sun-soaked island steeped in history and bathed in crystal-clear Mediterranean waters.

Wander Beyond

From the buzz of New York to the tranquil villages of Mallorca, follow my week-long, (long) weekend or day-trip wanders for ideas, tips and a lot of travel inspo.

How to spend a long weekend in Ibiza

If there is a place in Spain that needs absolutely no introduction, that’s Ibiza. Home to some of the world’s grandest clubs and parties, this Mediterranean island is visited by approximately 3 million tourists every year, most of which are after its crazy nightlife and sparkly drinks. However, just like many other islands known primarily for their busy clubs, bars andContinue Reading

How to spend a long weekend in Copenhagen

Long weekends are the best, and not just because you get to stay home from work an extra day. It’s because without much of a fuss – you can easily book cheap flights to various European destinations (that is, if you live in Europe. For all non-Europeans, flights will cost you more, but they’re so worthContinue Reading

On the way to Oban: a weekend of Sun, Sea & Shellfish in Scotland

If living in Scotland has taught me one thing, besides that Scots are amongst the friendliest people one will ever meet, is that you don’t let a glorious sunny day go to waste. So on one of the sunniest Saturday mornings I have ever experienced in Scotland, with “The Rough guide to Scottish Highlands & islands” always on one hand andContinue Reading


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