5+1 things not to miss in Prague

Ask anyone to name the 5 most beautiful cities in Europe and rest assured that they will include Prague in that list. The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic is a true gem of culture, history and architecture, so much so that in 1992 the Old Town’s Historic (and gorgeous) Centre Square has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Being literally in the city centre of Europe makes Prague a super accessible destination. In fact, Prague (along with London and Athens) is my most visited holiday city destination – besides the cities / countries I have lived in; I traveled there for a long weekend in the spring of 2011, a week in the summer of 2015, and another long weekend in the winter of 2017, and loved every bit of it. 

So without further ado,

here are the 5 things not to miss when visiting Prague:


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5+1 festive things to do in Edinburgh during the holidays

If you have ever visited visited Edinburgh or even just looked at a single picture of it, you will understand why it is hands down the prettiest city in the whole of the UK (voted Britain’s best city for the past 4 years according to The Telegraph). So imagine how drop dead gorgeous the Scottish capital is when it undergoes a Christmas makeover every winter, which gives its Gothic character a cheerful and sparkly twist. 
If you are (lucky enough to be) visiting Edinburgh during these holidays, here are the top 5+1 festive things that you should do to make your trip unforgettable

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how to spend a weekend in Kraków

Once the capital of Poland and currently the cultural hub of the country, Kraków is the perfect destination for a weekend’s (or even a week’s) getaway. Why? Well, let’s see…
  • For starters, the city is beautiful; featuring, amongst others, a 13th-century castle, narrow cobblestone streets (major beauty points for any place) and a grand medieval market square (which is the largest square in Europe) in the heart of the Old Town.
  • Second, there’s loads to do; from sightseeing to learning more about Poland’s historic past to drinking and dancing your way through its many, many bars, pubs and clubs.
  • And to top it all off, your visit there won’t cost a fortune; although prices are on the rise during the past years, Kraków is still cheaper than other popular European destinations.

So, have I convinced you to visit Krakow? Good!

Here’s how you spend your weekend there:

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more than a beach holiday: a local’s guide to Cyprus during shoulder season

Besides being my homeland, Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday spots in Europe. Now, when hearing the  island’s name, most people envision a beach, a pool, and a cocktail, but, trust me when I say that this Mediterranean gem  offers a lot more than (gorgeous) beaches, that you don’t want to miss: from vast archaeological sites to beautiful hiking trails, and from charming, cobblestone-street villages to endless vineyards.

And what is the best season to enjoy all of Cyprus? 

Shoulder season !!! (April-May & September-October)

Here is why:

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Croatia’s best & bluest beaches

Croatia is one of those #blessed countries that play by Mediterranean rules, meaning that early autumn (September and maybe even beginning of October) is practically still summer; weather’s still nice, sea water’s still warm, nightlife’s still buzzing lively, but quieter than before.
If you find yourself in Croatia during its (many) summer months, there is one thing that you will definitely want to do, and that is head to the beach.
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shows not to miss at Edinburgh Festival

It’s August 17th, which means that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 just hit its halfway mark, but, more importantly, that a new Game of Thrones episode drops in 3 days omg omg omg!!! So… Are you broke yet? (probably). Are you sick of festival flyers? (probably). Do you still like people? (probably not)
I trust that you have applauded your fair share of acts so far, but if you choose to visit the festival during its last two weeks, or still have a few pounds to spare, here is a handful of must-see shows at the Fringe and Edinburgh International Festival.
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top 10 tips for surviving the Fringe

We are well into August, which could mean a few different things:
  • You are enjoying your 2-week summer holiday somewhere sunny, sipping your 2nd mojito next to a pool, in which case I hope you are having a lovely time I hate you,
  • you took your summer holiday in June or July (me) and now you are sitting in an empty office hating all your mojito-sipping colleagues who will return to work with a tan (me),
  • you are stuck in traffic, irritated towards everything and everyone because you live in Edinburgh and FRINGE HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED !!!
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